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Winterizer Plus 24-2-2 with Trimec®

Winterizer Plus 24-2-2 with Trimec®

This product has a guaranteed analysis of 24-2-2. The analysis (or grade) is the amount of nutrients that are guaranteed to be present in 50 pounds of fertilizer. The guaranteed analysis is always listed in the same order:

24 Nitrogen (N) Necessary for growth and color

2 Phosphate (P) Necessary for root growth

2 Potash (K) Necessary for plant health

This product contains Trimec® which controls broadleaf weeds commonly found in cool season and warm season grasses including dandelion, chickweed, knotweed, plantain, henbit and spurge.

When used as directed this product will supplement your regular fertilizer program by providing 0.8 lbs. of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. The application rate is 3.4 lbs. of product per 1,000 square feet. Please consult your local extension office for questions regarding a regular fertilizer program suitable for your geographic region.

Mfg ID #ProductWeight (lbs)UPC  SDSSpecs
GSWP/40    WINTERIZER PLUS WITH TRIMEC  24-2-2   #40 40 675973   084021 PDF PDF