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Paw Pal

Paw Pal
Paw Pal® Snow and Ice Melter
Features: -- 100% Natural de-icer -- Pet friendly -- 60-70% less corrosive than salt -- High degree of environmental, user & animal safety -- Does not contain many of the ingredients known to cause toxicological symptoms to animals & humans Benefits: -- Melts as low as MINUS 30°F -- Lower application rates -- Two to three day residual effect -- Animals in a normal state of nutrition and hydration are not prone to consume product orally Veterinary Consultant on Staff @ T&N 866-670-2505 Use Paw Pal® on snow or ice at the rate of 1/3 cup evenly over 1 square yard (3ft. X 3 ft.). Squeegee or rinse treated area thoroughly after melting is complete and the temperature returns to above 32°F (0°C). Store in a dry place. Mfg ID #ProductWeight (lbs)UPC  SDSSpecs     PP12     Paw Pal #12 12 675973   061237 PDF pdf